Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spring??!!! Who says?

With April having arrived, it's pretty hard not to long for sunny days and warmer temperatures. Well, warm sunny days may not be here yet, but we're ready for 'em!

We've got some warm weather favorites:

A beautiful Vinho Verde, 'crisp, refreshing, and fragrant with hints of citrus'. It may not seem like rose season, but we're ready with a selection from France and South Africa. We've also added a selection of half bottles in anticipation of days worthy of picnicking!

Don't fret, still in cold weather mode? (Who could blame you?) We still have warm & cozy favorites:

Sake to heat, full bodied cabernets to keep you warm, or how about our recently expanded cognac selection - that'll get your blood moving!

Whatever season you're feeling, we've got you covered.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Champagne For Thought

Billecart-Salmon ~ Champagne France ~ NV Brut Rosé
Robert Parker: 94 - A delicate pink color is accompanied by gorgeous sweet cherry, strawberry, and mineral-like scents, assertive medium-bodied flavors, a delicate, crisp personality, and surprising depth as well as persistence. A beautiful berry character in the finish adds to this impeccable rose’s captivating style.

Veuve Clicquot ~ Champagne France ~ NV Brut
Wine Spectator: 84 - Appealing, with modest honey, baking bread and apple flavors followed by a tart finish.

Louis Roederer ‘Cristal’ ~ Champagne France ~ 1997 Brut
Wine Spectator: 88 - Tightly wound, with tobacco, ginger and green tea flavors underscored by a citrusy acidity. Firm, tactile finish.

Krug ~ Champagne France ~ 1990 Brut
Wine Spectator: 97 - An aristocrat. Big-boned and intense, yet with finesse and complex flavors of coconut, whole-grain bread, ginger, citrus and honey. Waves of flavor saturate the palate and the long finish picks up a mineral and smoke note. Very harmonious from start to finish.

Billecart-Salmon ~ Champagne France ~ 1996 Brut Blanc de Blancs

Larmandier-Bernier ~ Champagne France ~ NV Brut Blanc de Blancs
Wine Spectator: 88 - There's a mineral element evident in this blanc de blancs, along with peach, citrus and bread dough flavors. Lightweight, with enough richness to offset the tingly acidity.

Egly-Ouriet ~ Champagne France ~ NV Brut
Moet & Chandon ~ Champagne France ~ NV Imperial Brut
Wine Spectator: 89 - Rich and creamy, this seems easy, yet has plenty of honey, candied fruit and apple notes filling out its medium-bodied frame. It's soft, with enough acidity to keep it focused.

Piper-Heidsiek ~ Champagne France ~ NV Brut
Wine Spectator: 91 - This is creamy, enticing and bursting with honey, vanilla, hints of coffee and candied berry flavors, all matched to a rich texture and firm structure. Fine length and harmony, with time to give.

Jean Milan ~ Champagne France ~ NV Brut Blanc de Blancs
Wine Spectator: 87 - Ripe, this is lightly effervescent and lightweight despite candied peach and berry flavors. This seems atypical and lacks harmony, though it's soft and open.

Taittinger ~ Champagne France ~ NV Brut
Wine Spectator: 88 – A round version, showing honey and mineral notes matched to an open, soft structure. It freshens up on the finish. Good as an aperitif.

Comte de Gascogne ~ France ~ NV Brut Blanc de Blancs
Refreshingly light, crisp and balanced.

Pol Blanc ~ Loire Valley France ~ NV Brut Blanc de Blancs
Refreshingly light, crisp and balanced.

Rene Geoffroy ~ Champagne France ~ Brut Rosé

Vilmart & Cie ~ Champagne France ~ NV Brut Cuvee Rubis

Friday, December 09, 2005

Welcome To My Blog

Wine is so much fun! Every grape, every region, every year is a new experience. When life is full of redundancy, you can pop open a bottle of wine that you’ve never had and enjoy a new experience. Drinking wine is different for so many people. Some cherish every sip, others pair their meals and their wine methodically, some just enjoy it as a nightcap to a long day, and others … well, they just like wine! I believe that wine doesn’t need to be about prestige, you drink what you like, and you drink what makes you happy. There is no rule on what draws us to certain wine, because what one person finds to be fine wine can be completely different from another’s idea of fine wine.

I like to savor my wine, write about it, describe it … I hope that by doing this, I can fulfill others needs by pairing them with the right wine. That is what my blog is all about. These are my notes, my experiences and my thoughts about the wine that I taste. I don’t rate the wine, because as I stated before, you may love something that I only like. We all have different tastes, so my description is all you will get. You can decide whether its description matches you to a particular bottle.

Buying wine from Yannitelli’s is always an interesting experience. Don has so much experience in Wine Retail that picking out a ‘bad’ wine at the shop is impossible. He’s a great buyer and our vast selection speaks well for his gift in selecting the best wine, the best vintage and the best value. You won’t find stock piled wine, from years before. We just don’t believe that it’s in our customer’s best interest. This store has been here since 1933 and has come to have a life of its own. Our role is to make sure that your experience is a pleasurable one, and that your selection fits your palate.

We look forward to seeing you at the wine shop!